First Canadian Place

100 King Street West, Toronto, ON
289.9m (951) feet to the roof.
355m (1,165) feet to the top of the North Tower.

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Frequency Mast Height Power Notes
CJMT-DT 40.1 40 North 349m 17.3KW Primary on CN Tower.
CIII-DT-41 41.1 41 North 349m 34.4KW Primary on CN Tower.
CFMT-DT 47.1 47 North 349m 15KW Primary on CN Tower.
CITY-DT 57.1 44 North 349m 15KW Primary on CN Tower.
CIND-FM 88.1B South 305m 4KW
88.9B North 349m 4.18kW
CIUT-FM 89.5B Center 303.3m 15KW Former V Pole on top of center mast.
CJBC-FM 90.3B North 337m 10KW Combined with 99.1 and 94.1 aux
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CKIS-FM 92.5B North 322.5m 13KW
CFXJ-FM 93.5B South 332m 3.706
CBL-FM (Aux) 94.1B North 337m ?? Primary on CN Tower.
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96.3B North 306.5m 60KW AUX 313.8M / 5KW
CKFG-FM 98.7B1 South 310.2m 1KW
CBLA-FM 99.1C1 North 337m 98KW Combined with 90.3 and 94.1 aux
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CJSA-FM 101.3B1 South 316.4m 0.85KW AUX 322.3M / 0.5KW
CFPT-FM 106.5B1 South 322.3m 2.61KW AUX 322.3M / 2KW

Special Thanks to Scott Fybush/ and for the information used here.

Here is a shot of the skyscraper from the Bell Media studios.

Here is a closer look. You can see three masts and a whole slew of antennas.

Here is a shot of the masts from the CN Tower.

Based on the best guesses from various databases, and wikipedia, here is an idea of what is where up there.

BELOW we will show detailed pictures of the various antennas.

The four TV station master antenna system.

Another view of the 4 station master antenna.

On the North Tower , on the very top is the single bay for CIRV-FM 88.9
The big panel antenna is the combined antenna for CJBC-FM, CBLA-FM and the CBL-FM Aux.

Another view of those antennas.

Here's a nice closeup of the 88.9 panel antenna.

Here's a view of them from the CN tower. On the right you see the DTV antenna, the 101.3/106.5 aux panel, and the 93.5 panel.

Here's a closeup of the 101.5/106.5 aux and the 93.5 main below it.

From a different angle, a clear shot of them.

Another angle.

Back on the North Tower, we see the panel antenna for CKIS-FM 92.5

Here is another view of the 92.5 antenna. Below it you can see the single bay aux for 96.3

Further down the north tower is this single bay aux for 96.3

The main is below that for this big antenna.

On the center pole lives the old CIUT 89.5 vertical antenna...

And the new 6 bay circular antenna

Here is another view of the antenna, plus CKFG-FM 98.7 (lower 2 bay) and CIND-FM 88.1 (upper 2 bay) on the south mast (right.)

On the south mast we find the panel antenna system of CFPT-FM 106.5

Below that is the panel for CJSA-FM 101.3

Here is CKFG-FM 98.7's primary antenna.

A view of the 88.1 panel antenna.

CIND 88.1 used to operate on this Shively 2 bay, and may retain it as an aux.