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Western New York – 2018

So it’s been a while since I have updated this page! (Sorry!). While the updates here have been slow, I have been adding photos all over the website.

In late August, NECRAT took a return trip to Rochester, NY to see our close friend Scott Fybush of Fybush Media. First time in a few years, and for the first time, we got into sites in Rochester itself. See usually, when going there, we spend time in other cities. So I present to you a new Rochester update.

A return trip to the WRSB 1590 transmitter site, and the co-located original 105.5 FM antenna.

The 105.5 FM site in Brockport, NY

From there we visited two new translators, the 107.9 Mars Hill Network translator way north-east of the city. The next day we visited the new 107.5 translator for WXXI 1370

The 107.5 translator at the old WXXI uplink facility, north of Rochester.

The a return trip to Pinnacle Hill. While many things hadn’t changed since our last visit, we did see a few new items. Like the post transition transmitter for WHAM-TV.

WHAM-TV’s post transition Larcan on VHF 13

The “new” ERI antenna for WXXI-TV…

WXXI-TV’s “new” ERI antenna for channel 16, top mounted where the goal post mount used to be.

And transmitter for WXXI-TV.

WXXI-TV’s new GatesAir transmitter.

And for WXXI (AM)

WXXI AM’s newish Nautel transmitter in Brighton.

And WXXI-FM up on Pinnacle

WXXI-FM’s new GatesAir FM transmitter.

Plus on Pinnacle, we got to see the new transmitter for the 94.7 translator and the original 106.7 transmitter as well.

The following day, we traveled to Ithaca, but stopped on Baker Hill to get some fresh, good weather pictures of the tower farm up there.

WZXV 99.7 up on Baker Hill
95.1 – 100.5 up on Baker Hill.
90.5 also on the hill.

From there it was to Ithaca to see the WEOS site, which has since changed to 89.5 since our last move, and went non directional.

WEOS’s Shively, now without directional parasitics.
And the WEOS transmitter with engineer Bryan cheesing it for the camera.

1470 AM site along with it’s 8 translators.

All the translators on Tower 2.
And on tower 3…
Plus the two antennas. The bottom antenna is for 100.3 only. The top is for the remainder. (Tower 2 antenna array)

Plus the 1470 Am transmitter

WNYY’s primary transmitter and phasor (left).

From there a scenic ride around Cayuga Lake to visit the WITH and WSQG transmitter site and get inside the building.

The WSQG-FM (top), WITH (bottom) and 92.1 translator site…
And transmitters. WSQG-FM closest, WITH farthest.

From there, we headed through Ithaca traffic and raced to the WDKX studios, were we got a nice chance to see the rooftop FM of the highly rated, and highly acclaimed urban radio station.

The Shively 6813-3R-SS antenna used by WDKX on the rooftop.
And the transmitter for WDKX.

Plus the translators of 97.5 and 105.5 also on the roof.

The translators for 105.5 and 97.5 up in a machine room.

So on the last day, after replacing Scott’s doorbell, we took a trip out to see the inside of WHAM 1180, long overdue.

The picture perfect site of WHAM 1180!
And inside the transmitter room too!

The day wound down with a quick stop in Syracuse to see the new WJPZ antenna upgrade on Day Hall (Mt. Olympus) at Syracuse University.

WJPZ-FM’s new directional Shively antenna as part of an upgrade to 1000 watts.

And some nice weather shots of the TV towers south of town.

The WSTM-WCNY candelabra in Sentinel Heights.
WTVH’s tower just north of the Candelabra.
And the WSYR-TV, WCNY-FM (for now), WNTQ site on Sevier Hill in the little town of Pompey