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Pre-Summer 2015 Update

So from time to time, I realize there are a number of local or fairly local sites I need to update for various reasons. I try to combine them into a single update, to make for a more pleasurable viewing experience. So here is my “Pre-Summer 2015” update.
(As always, the full sets for each station are in the gallery)

Starting with May, when our good friend Steve Callahan was gracious enough to give a “cooks tour” of his soon to completed upgraded site at WVBF 1530 in Taunton. The new two tower array is on the site of the old WPEP, off of County St in Taunton.

WVBFs two tower array in Taunton
WVBFs two tower array in Taunton

Three days later, we made a trek up to one of our favorite sites,
Asnebumskit Hill in Paxton to see the new WAAF Aux antenna.

The "Kegs" are gone! WAAF's new aux antenna.
The “Kegs” are gone! WAAF’s new aux antenna.

And that same day, we also got pictures of the newest LPFM in Springfield, WZCS 102.5



In June, All of the updates came from one trip. We took pictures of the new WWBB aux antenna at the WHJY site.

The "AUX" antenna for WWBB.
The “AUX” antenna for WWBB.

We also got pictures of the “new” WDOM antenna.

McVinney Hall with the new WDOM antenna.
McVinney Hall with the new WDOM antenna.

And finished out the date with some fresh updated pictures of
WPRO-FM and WWLI up on Neutaconkanut Hill in Johnston.

WPRO-FM's Shively
WPRO-FM’s Shively
WWLI's antennas.
WWLI’s antennas.