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WJYY Concord, NH

So occasionally in the years i’ve been doing this site, I will get donations, rather, pictures of various transmitter sites. Some aren’t of anything broadcast, some are really low resolution, and some are copied from other sites. I won’t use those pictures. However once in a while I will get nice good quality shots of a transmitter site, that are worth sharing. These pictures that Derek LaFleur sent me, are no exception:

WJYY's main and backup antennas on this tower in Concord, NH
WJYY’s main and backup antennas on this tower in Loudon, NH

Here we see the WJYY tower on Oak Hill in Loudon. It is not very tall, (only 100′) , so it is not visible unless you do the hike. The signal from this station does get out really well, however. The two bay Shively 6813 antenna is the main, and the single bay Shively 6813 on top is the standby antenna.

WJYY's transmitter building
WJYY’s transmitter building

And here we see the transmitter shack.  Thanks Derek for getting us a first look at this site.