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What lurks behind the walls…

We had an ongoing issue in the “satellite office” (bathroom) where the light would cycle, like we took a quick power hit. I always just attributed it to the ballast or the bulbs being funky, but today I decided to inspect the wall-switch, just to check. Sure enough, this is what I found. Those who know electrical theory know why this is extremely dangerous. The “electrician” who may have installed this switch, never pre-twisted the wires before the wirenut, and never twisted the wirenut tight. So the neutrals both became loose and over time arced to the point of creating oxidation on the wires.

Needless to say, the switch has been replaced and the wiring is all cleaned up now.  You never know what lurks behind the walls sometimes…

Well cooked neutrals.


After waiting for the floor buffers to finish drying, I was hanging outside , watching these ominous clouds go by outside.

Storm Clouds at the transmitter in Needham.
Storm Clouds at the transmitter in Needham.


It’s the return of the NECRAT-QUIZ

Update. This WILL be the LAST NECRAT Quiz, seeing how little response I’ve received.

I have decided to bring back a classic!! It’s the NECRAT QUIZ!!
While there aren’t any prizes yet, there could be down the road…

So with that……

Can you identify this transmitter site?

QUIZ Aug 2014

You can guess by registering here, or by using the Facebook page. Hints will be given before the end of the month!  Good luck!!