Welcome to Southern California!

Last month, your editor ended up taking a vacation to one of the most beautiful parts of the United States, Southern California.

The famous, non broadcast tower on Mt Lee. Oh and that sign too.

Southern California is a mix of hills, water, history, famous places, and of course… towers!

Mt Wilson from the Red Box road that takes you up there

And of course no tower guy would dare visit Los Angeles without visiting the beautiful mountain top site known as Mt. Wilson!

Mount Wilson tower farm.

Of course aside from Wilson (and nearby Mt Harvard), there’s Flint Peak, Tongva Peak, and Briarcrest.

Flint Peak backup site
Tongva Peak in the Verdugo Mountains

Also LA has some other really interesting broadcast sites to visit such as KFI

KFI, with its iconic art deco transmitter building.

Signal Hill

The tower(s) on Signal Hill. Former home of 97.9, now home to 88.1 KKJZ

A radio station with a baseball team

KLAA in the Angels Stadium!

A legendary group of stations into an AM array

The KHJ – KYPA – KBLA “triplex”.

and the legendary KRKD towers, made famous in so many music videos.

The legendary KRKD towers.

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We also took a nice day trip to San Diego, and were able to get so many exteriors to update the market.
Including the famous KOGO

KOGO 600. Also home to 97.3 and 101.5 FM.

San Miguel Mountain from a distance.

San Miguel Mountain from afar.

and the La Jolla broadcast site.

The La Jolla tower farm near San Diego

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And if you’re hankering for one more…
How about this really neat site in Corona, CA.

KWRM 1370’s “X” shaped array.