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**[https://www.necrat.us/1001buffalo.html W261EB]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1001buffalo.html W261EB]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1005buffalo.html W263DC]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1005buffalo.html W263DC]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1037buffalo.html W279BO]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1069buffalo.html W295BW]
**[https://www.necrat.us/1069buffalo.html W295BW]

Revision as of 23:16, 20 October 2020

Updates to NECRAT

October 16, 2020

  • Updates
    • WFXT New post repack transmitter pictures.
  • Buffalo
    • WBENUpdated pictures
    • WUFONew transmitter install at WECK. Tower and Transmitter Pictures
    • WECKStudio and transmitter pictures
    • WBNF-CD New pictures of antenna.
    • WNED-TV New tower pictures and of new post repack transmitter facility.
    • WUTV New pictures of post repack antennas.
    • WNYO-TV New pictures of post repack antennas.
    • WBBZ-TVNew pictures of the WBBZ-TV antenna.
    • WBFOUpdated pictures of the antenna.
    • WBKVNew pictures of the former WFBF, now WBKV
    • WBNYNew picturs of the new antenna.
    • WZDVNew pictures of the new station's antenna.
    • WNAR-LP New pictures of the LPFM
  • Also new pictures of the following translators:
  • Rochester
    • WROC Updated pictures of the towers and transmitter(s).
    • WDNY New pictures of the tower.
    • WGCE-CD New pictures of the new antenna.
    • WHAM-TV Updated pictures of the new antenna and post repack transmitter.
    • WXXI-TV Updated pictures of the new post repack antennas.
    • WBEE-FM Updated pictures of the WBEE-FM tower
    • WFKL Also updated pictures of WFKL.
    • WZNY-LP New pictures of the antenna.
    • WDNY-FM New pictures of the antenna.
    • WBZA New pictures of the transmitters
    • WRMM-FM Updated pictures of the transmitters.
    • WNBL Updated (Non Foggy!) shots of the 107.3 tower.
  • Also new pictures of the following translators:
  • Syracuse
    • WSTM-TV New tower pictures and the new post repack transmitter installation.
    • WTVH New tower pictures and the "new" post repack transmitter installation.
    • WSYR-TV New tower pictures with WSPX-TV's new top mount.
    • WSPX-TV New antenna install pictures at WSYR-TV's tower.
    • WCNY-FM New antenna install on the Candelabra tower.
    • WYYY New transmitter pictures of the newer transmitter.
    • WWHT Updated pictures of the tower and the apparently new antenna.
  • Albany
    • Albany DTV Tower Updated pictures with new WNYT VHF High Band antenna and repack related auxes.
    • WRGB New pictures of WRGB's transmitter
    • WTEN Updated pictures of WTEN's post repack transmitter
    • WNYT New pictures of WNYT's transmitter, and of their Albany fill in UHF translator transmitter.
    • WMHT Updated pictures of WMHT's post repack transmitter.
    • WXXA-TV Updated pictures of WXXA-TV's post repack transmitter.
    • WCWN Updated pictures of WCWN's post repack transmitter.
    • WNYA Updated pictures of WNYA's post repack transmitter.
    • WYPX-TV Updated picturs of WYPX's new post repack antenna installation on the former WMHT-TV tower.
    • WMHT-FM New pictures of the WMHT-FM transmitter.
    • WTRY-FM Updated pictures of WTRY-FM's newer ERI antenna.
    • WQBK-FM New pictures of WQBK-FM's transmitter.
    • Refreshed look at the following antennas:
  • Also new pictures of the following translators:
  • Elmira
    • WLEA New studio and transmitter pictures
    • WSQA New pictures of tower and antenna
    • WCKR New pictures of tower and antenna
    • WKPQ New pictures of tower and antennas.
  • Also a New Market to NECRAT.

September 01, 2020

August 15, 2020

  • Update
    • 96.7 Port Chester. I had forgotten I got excellent pictures of this site. Here they are.

July 26, 2020