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Important Sites. Ones I visit on a daily basis, and assist/contribute to/moderate/or co-administrate

Page Description
FYBUSH MEDIA It goes without saying that is at the top of this list. Scott Fybush is the leader when it comes to radio, radio history and northeast radio news. Insight, tower photographs, RF history, and news, are just some of the things you get at this site. The site gives you a free sample and is a paid site for full content. The cost is low, and the value for what you get, is well worth it.
Paul Thurst's ENGINEERING RADIO Paul is the defining answer of an "engineer's engineer". He does a very important service to others by sharing his knowledge. A contract engineer in the Northeast, he has a ton of information packed into one site. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul over the summer and have become good friends with him. This is a site I check out, daily.
The Virtual Engineer The Virtual Engineer is the web's premere forum where engineers can get together for advice, insight, and a little "rag chew". This site contains a wealth of information, including a in-depth wiki.
Scan New England Our sister site, it is the premiere Northeastern Scanner and Scanning Hobbyist website. Full of accurate frequencies, discussions and technical information. The once Cape Cod based site, has grown into a wealth of knowledge and a "must visit" for anyone in New England who is into scanning.

Broadcast Engineering Consultation

Page Description
Mueller Broadcast Design Mark Mueller of LaGrange, IL. is one of the best consulting engineers out there. Mark has been a friend of mine for a few years now and has gone above and beyond to help me.

Official FCC and FCC Informational pages

Page Description
FCC Media Bureau
FCC Audio Division
FCC Video Division
AM Query
FM Query
TV Query
ASRN Query ASRN Search
Broadcast Rules (Radio & TV)
CDBS Public Access
FCC Self Inspection Checklists FCC Self Inspection Checklist
FCC Call Sign Actions FCC Call Sign Actions (Note, you need to change the number in the URL to see more current listings.)
FCC Info
Hallikainen FCC Rules Harold Hallikainen's excellent FCC rules resource
BIA/Kelsey Market Search BIA Kelsey Arbitron Market Search Page (Has HD listings!)
FCC General Menu Reports

Other interesting pages

Page Description
Hartford Radio History John Ramsey's Excellent CT Radio History website. Buy the book! Visit the site.
Springfield Radio History Chris Tracy's has also done an excellent job documenting Springfield radio history. (Will update when the site returns) Garrett Wollman's Top Notch Boston Radio website. Doug Smith's Excellent Resource page
Rabbit Trip Ericson's excellent TV site.
Bill's Radio Towers Page Bill Harms' Washington State Radio Towers Page. A must see for Broadcast Buffs. Chris Tarr (Broadcastdoc), Milwaukee, WI
RadioInsight Lance's website is THE authority for late breaking radio news and insight.
Propogation Maps @ Mountainlake Accurate VHF Propagation Maps
Hawkin's Radio Page Jim Hawkin's Broadcast Historical Page
Doug Lung's RF Technology Page Lots of DTV and TV Engineering Info
Michigan Towers (Old domain is dead) Tom Bosscher's Excellent Michigan Towers site
The BDR The Broadcaster's Desktop Resource by Barry Mishkind
McNally NJ Towers Tom McNally's website of tower photos in Southern New Jersey (Hasn't been updated in quite some time)
UK Towers! Mike Brown's largest collection of tower photos on the 'net, and they're all in the United Kingdom!
French Towers French Radio Towers... Oui!
UHF Morgue Peter George's Excellent UHF Morgue site. (I will find out what Peter's plans are for his old site.)
Long Lines towers Not Radio Towers, but interesting none the less, Al LaFrances' historical tribue to the Long Lines networks
Carphone History Geoffrey Fors' site on The History of the Mobile Car Phone.

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