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Special Thanks

NECRAT wouldn't be anywhere near the site it is without the support, encouragment and time given from fellow engineers and friends. This is a list of all those kind folks who've taken time out of their busy schedule to show me around and see their studios and transmitter sites. It also includes those who've given me guidance and support throughout the years as well. For that, I thank you
-- Mike Fitzpatrick
P.S. If you don't see your name on here, please don't think I am excluding you. I have a bad time keeping track of all the names of those who've given me the tours and it means I most likely misplaced your business card. But please don't think I don't appreciate your time to show me around. Feel free to drop me an email if you think your name was excluded, so I can give you the proper credit you deserve!

Long time supporters and great friends of NECRAT
Scott Fybush - webmaster
Garrett Wollman - The ORIGINAL tower website -
Chris Tarr
Jeff Lehmann
Fred Krampits
Dave Cote
John Ramsey
Mark McMillen
Doug Kehrig
Jim Stenberg
Dennis J. Majewicz
Lou Volino
In Memoriam
These kind souls were fans and helped NECRAT through the years
They will never be forgotten
John Rogers
Tom Osenkowsky
Brian Edgerton
Tom "Jay" Jaworski (WA1MJE)
Ken Jones
Theodore Teffener
Mike Tocco
Ron Gitschier
Parris Wood
Bill Draper
Paul Willey
John Lyons
Dan Kelleher
Eric Mellenbacker
George Thomas Apfel
Chris DiPaola
Ed Allen
Paul Strater
Bob Hajak
Special Thanks to these people for their time.
Tom Nickodemus - NHPBS
Jeff Smith - iHeart NYC
Dennis Graiani - Audacy
Pat Stahl - WABC-TV
Tony DeNicola - New Jersey
Andy Gladding - WMCA
Joe Glynn - WVIA
Michael Morkavage - WNEP-TV
Vince Benedetto - Bold Gold Radio
Charles Kinney - Cox Radio Atlanta
Cliff Rogers - WSB-TV
Charles Blackwood - WVTM
Mike Lawing - Atlanta
Roddy Freeman - Atlanta
Brad Gilmer - Atlanta
Tim Berry - University of Tennessee/WB4GBI
Rick Everett - WBIR-TV
Doug Smith - WSMV-TV
Brady Murray - WWCR/WNQM
Chris Verdi - Great Eastern Radio
Mark Wiseman - Bell Media
Mick Carberry - CBC Toronto
Berton Brown - American Tower Corp.
Jim Leifer - American Tower Corp.
Enrique Lopez - Univision
Paul Deeth - KCNC-TV
Mike Kobylka - Lilly Broadcasting
Jim Leven - Community Broadcasters
Alan Bishop - Chadwick Bay Broadcasting
Dan Fischer - WBTA
Debrah Fischer - WBTA
Kerry Plackmeyer - WBAL
Drew Pinckney - Formerly WBAL/WIYY Radio
Greg Tankersley - Formerly WBAL-TV (Now WJCL-TV)
Jerry Beebe - WIBG/WWAC
Enrico S Brancadora - WIBG/WWAC
George Kowal - Press Communications
Jim Linn - Forever Media Corp.
Aaron Read - RINPR/WNPN
Robert Kerrigan - WUTF/Entravision
Dan Kaiser - Formerly Beasley Media Group (Now Scripps/ION)
Dennis Knudsen - Beasley Media Group
Brian Bannon - Formerly WLNG Sag Harbor (Now WLIW-FM)
Doug Campbell - Audacy Chicago
Aaron Cox - Formerly KLJY/KFUO (Now Audacy)
Bruce Cavins - KSIV
Gary Bennett - Bennett Broadcast Services
Dave Kolesar - Hubbard Broadcasting, Washington, DC.
Frank Stas - WATD
Lynn Duke - Retired, Formerly CBS (now Audacy) Los Angeles
Doug Irwin - iHeartMedia and Newbay Los Angeles
Paul Sakrison - Retired, Formerly Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles.
Marvin Collins - Los Angeles
Paul Donovan - Audacy (Former of CBS)
John Kennedy - VP of Engineering, Audacy
Eric Fitch - Audacy Boston
Gene Faltus - Retired, formerly CBS Hartford
Willie Barnett - Formerly WIHS Middletown
Paul Strieby - Formerly iON Media Networks Boston
Imants Strautin - Formerly iON Media Networks Boston
Dennis Correia - Formerly WGBH Boston
John Mullaney - iHeartMedia Boston
Brian Ram - Former Fuller Broadcasting
Art Rowbotham - Hall Communications President
Jim Reed - Hall Communications/Norwich
Roger Arnold - Hall Communications/Norwich
Paul Thurst - Contract Engineer
Sean Loughlin - Former of Lake County, Florida
Larry Bornacelli - Cox Media Group/Orlando
Chris Cmolik - WITR (Rochester Inst. of Technology)
Al Szablak - WSPX-TV
Kevin Tubbs - WSTM/WTVH
Dave Frost - WSKG
Don Hunt - WETM-TV
Jeff Hartman - WSYR-TV
Dave Radigan - WEBO/Radigan Broadcasting
Jon Scaptura - Formerly Clear Channel Binghamton.
Jeff Winsor - WRVO
Randy Orbacker - Rochester
Dave Bender - WBFO
Mark Saia, WENY Radio & WICB
Jason Michaels- Cox Media Group/Dayton
Gene Simmons - Main Line Broadcasting / Dayton
Josh Bohn - Bohn Broadcast Services
Ted Ryan - Clear Channel Cincinnati
J.T. Anderton - Clear Channel Inc.
Bob Hawkins - Contract Engineer and friend.
Dave Wineland - Reising Radio Partners, Inc.
Jim Burgan - Reising Radio Partners, Inc.
Keith Maddox - Reising Radio Partners, Inc.
Keith Reising - Reising Radio Partners, Inc.
Scott Michaels, White River Broadcasting Co.
Tom Webber, WISH-TV/WNDY
Jeff Kracium, WANE-TV
Jack Didier, WOWO/Federated Media - Ft. Wayne
Blaine Thompson - Indiana Radio Watch
Jake Robinson - Emmis Indianapolis
Dave Groth - Contract Engineer
Brett Beshore - Clear Channel Poughkeepsie
Bill Weeks - WGNY
Bud Williamson - Contract Engineer
Bill Williams - Clear Channel Hudson/Catskill
Randy Shull - Formerly of WFAS/WFAF
Steve "Troll" Conti - Everywhere in Providence.
Stephen LaRiviere - iHeartMedia Providence.
Clark Smith - WLWT-TV (Formerly AMT, WJAR)
Bill Parks - WJAR-TV Providence.
Ed Alvaro - WFXT Boston (Retired)
Bill Holbrook - WFXT Boston (Retired)
John Bolduc N1QGS
Robert Perry - Contract Engineer
David Allen - Shively Labs, Inc.
Martyn Gregory - Shively Labs, Inc.
Harold Goss - WGME Portland, ME
Richard "Dick" Cushman, - Retired (WMTW Portland, ME)
Bill Leland - Hitachi/Comark
Peter C Partenio Jr. - Contract Engineer
Tim Sheehan - Cumulus Media of Danbury, CT.
Mark Vogelzang - Formerly Vermont Public Radio
William Harp - WPTZ
Matt Servis - formerly WVNY/WFFF TV
Bob Welch - formerly WSTJ/WKXH .
Jamie Dennis - Clear Channel Burlington
Glenn Dudley - Clear Channel Burlington/Vermont Public TV
Joe Tymecki - WCAX .
Steve McVie Solomon - CodComm Inc. (Formery of Qantum Communications)
Ruth Priestley - Nantucket
Karl Hosterman for the pictures.
Stan Amster - formerly of WTNH, for the Mt Wilson pictures.
T.J. Malvesti - Nantucket for the new Nantucket pictures.
Lisa, Ariel, & Eli Fybush.
John Flemming - Formerly Entercom Rochester.
Bill Stachowiak - Regent Buffalo.
Nolan Stephany - WXXI.
Don Nahumck - WSYT/WNYS.
Bryan Richards - WSEN/WFBL
Nick Marasco - WAER.
Ted Baker PD - WGVA
Greg Cotterill - WGVA
Brian Cunningham - WRCI, WLGZ, and WDCX
Benjamin Martin - WRCI/WLGZ
Chris Costigan - CBS Rochester.
Greg Miller - WKBW-TV
Dan Chase - Former of Citadel New London
Dennis Jackson - Station Owner
Craig Healy - Retired
Rick Zach (K1RJZ) - Formerly WCVB-TV pictures and studio tour.
Mark Carbone - Retired - CBS Boston for the transmitter tours.
Sid Schweiger - Entercom Boston for the studio tour.
Tom Delvin - WGBH Inc.
Ben Schwartz - WGBH Inc.
John Rogers - WGBH Inc. (Retired)
Clif Mills - Retired (Cox New Haven)
Dom Bordonaro - COX for letting me use the Booth Hill pictures - the WEZN transmitter.
Paul A. Litwinovich - WSHU radio for letting me use the Booth Hill pictures - the WSHU-FM transmitter.
Ed Butler formerly - Cumulus/Bridgeport for the WICC/WEBE tours!
Steve Callahan - WCRN, WVBF Taunton
Peter Q George (K1XRB) - WSHL & WBIM
The staff at WBCR-LP
Tom Vesci - WACC-LP
Rodney Belizaire - WQXR/WQEW
Joe MacGuire - The Empire State Building for the "104th" floor tour!
John Lyons - Four Times Square and One World Trade Center
Tom Ray - Formerly of WOR/Buckley Broadcasting/SBE11.
Dr. William Baker - Formerly WNET for arranging the tour.
Frank Graybill - WNET
Peter McElvein - WCNY
John King - WSYR-TV transmitter.
Alan "Wiz" Jurison - Formerly of Citadel Syracuse.
Jim Marco - WSTM-TV
Sean McNamara - WSTM-TV
Lloyd Lane of WCJW
Al Marranca - Citadel Buffalo
Jim Pastrick - Citadel Buffalo
Tom Karvelis - formerly of Entercom Buffalo
Don Roberts - WUHF
Terry Long - Retired (WCNY)
John Lee - WTVH for the "impromptu" tour of his site.
Todd Troubetaris - Clear Channel Syracuse
Clint Soemann - WIVB/WNLO
Jon Sheehan - WHEC for his tour.
Robert Savage - WYSL
John Owen - Entercom Rochester
Eric Mellenbacker - WROC-TV
Dave McKinley - WROC-TV
Vinny Lopez - WSYT/WNYS Syracuse .
Mike Ward.
Howard Holden - WCAX-TV
Rich Parker - Vermont Public Radio
Bob Pooler - WIRY Plattsburgh
Dave Abdoo - Clear Channel Albany
Arthur Neveu - WTEN
Eric Brucker - WRGB
Ray Miller - (retired) WGBY
Charles Dubé - WFCR
Howard Frost - SAGA Springfield (Retired)
James D. Asher former owner of WJDA/WESX (Retired)
Chris Hall - Retired (WFNX)
Bob Smith - WUVN
Randy Place - formerly of WMAS/WMAS-FM
Mike Houle of WWLP-TV, for allowing me to use his Weather Special video.
Bob Gutowski - Valley Free Radio
Rick Walsh - Clear Channel Hartford
Grady Moates - Contract Engineer
David Goldstein - WBZ Boston
Ira Wilner - Monadnock Radio Group New Hampshire
Roger Brace - Formerly of WFLY
Jeff Hugabone - WTIC
Carl Dow - WCAX-TV
Russel Frazer - WCAX-TV
Chris Tracy - Formerly of Clear Channel Springfield.
Andrew MacKenzie
"LavPass" for his New Jersey pictures
"Douglass" for his pictures of WFME
Alan Fletcher N1UJU for his pictures
Bob McCormick, W1QA for his numerous pictures and support.
Mom and Dad for everything!
Jack, Micah, Martin and Ruthie Fitzpatrick