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Page Description
LPFM A comprehensive list of all LPFMs either licensed or issued construction permits in New England and New York.
FCC EPA A list of FCC EPA Antenna types.
UpTower™ This is the page for looking up the bottom of towers. It sounds dirty, but it's artistic. Really, it's quite a cool view of radio towers.
21 Sites you should visit in New England Taking from the popularity of other such lists, I created a page showing 21 broadcast sites throughout New England that should be shown off!
NECRAT Google Earth NECRAT Google Earth KMZ Plug In! See where we have been on Google Earth!
Gun Hill This hill in the very rural town of Winchester, NH, is home to not only New Hampshire's tallest radio tower, but one of the oldest stations in New Hampshire. Now defunct and off the air since 1978, the tower still stands. (This page will be updated in the near future)
WBZ/WBZA A tribute to one of the oldest broadcast sites in the US, and the unfortunate demise of it in 2011.
WLDM The precursor to todays WNNZ 640, WLDM on 1570 in Westfield's tower and studios still stand to this day.
WNLC The famous WNLC, with its 8 tower array in New London. Long since off the air, we revisited the site to see what still exists if anything. John Ramsey's Excellent Hartford Radio History has unearthed some great pictures. If you haven't checked it out, you need to do so today. WNLC's page over at Hartford Radio History.