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LPFMs in New England and New York Comprehensive listing of LPFMs in New England and New York plus links to the NECRAT pages which have photographs!!
All but New York updated 12/13/2019


Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WSPV-LP 106.3 195475 106.3 Avon CT Valley Community Baptist Church 100w Valley Community Baptist Ch. W Avon Rd LIC SHI 6812B
DWZMA-LP 103.5 192285 103.5 New Britain CT HISPANIC American Cultural Council, Inc. 100w Crown Street LIC MDR-300W (Bext) License deleted, not filed by applicant.
WGZO-LP 98.7 192238 98.7 Bloomfield CT Connecticut Valley Hispanic Outreach 88w 59 Daniel Blvd LIC LAB DA8M2 CP to change loc. Exp 01/06/2019
DWQSA-LP 104.5 192701 104.5 Cromwell CT SOCIETY OF THE MISSIONARIES OF THE HOLY APOSTOLES-CROMWELL 100w Summit Drive Water Tank Permit Cancelled
WACC-LP 107.7 127007 107.7 Enfield CT Asnuntuck Community College 100w Phoenix Ave Firehouse Lic ERI ECFM-1
NEW 94.3 195335 94.3 Enfield CT Town of Enfield, CT 67w Bacon Road Permit Cancelled
WWBW-LP 97.1 126920 97.1 Higganum CT Connecticut River Educational Radio Inc. 100w Wawecus Hill Rd, Norwich, CT Lic NIC BKG77-1
WCSE-LP 100.1 126693 100.1 Ledyard CT Calvary Chapel of S.E. Connecticut 19w 770 Long Cove Rd. Uncasville Lic SHI 6812-1 Old Picture of previous site.
WYPH-LP 102.5 193136 102.5 Manchester CT New River Community Church 3w Sheldon St, Manchester Lic SHI 6812-1 Picture of Box Mtn Installation
DWICT-LP 103.3 194929 103.3 Manchester CT Manchester Community College 100w On Campus Permit Cancelled
DWMDX-LP 107.5 194797 107.5 Middletown CT Middlesex Community College 100w Middletown DPW Yard Glastonbury Tpke Permit Cancelled
WPRF-LP 96.9 193314 96.9 New Britain CT La Nueva Radio Restauracion 1620 AM INC. 22w Osgood St (CP East St) LIC NIC BKG-77 Former Pirate
WNHA-LP 107.5 194592 107.5 New Haven CT ALMA Radio Inc. 26w 405 Brushy Plain Rd, Branford LIC SWR FMEC1
WONH-LP 103.5 196790 103.5 New Haven CT Pequenas Ligas Hispanas De New Haven Inc. 100w State St nr Albert St LIC OMB MP1
WNHH-LP 103.5 194974 103.5 New Haven CT Online Journaism Project 100w Whitney Ave Nr Davis St LIC SWR FMEC2
WDUP-LP 92.9 194354 92.9 New London CT HP-NL Communications, Inc. 91w Montauk Ave & Alger Pl LIC NIC BKG-77
WNLN-LP 107.3 126588 107.3 Niantic CT New Haven Educational Radio Corp. 100w Attawan Road Niantic Lic SHI 6812-1
WSIM-LP 103.5 193144 103.5 Simsbury CT Simsbury Fire District 100w Firetown Road Fire Station LIC SHI 6812
DWOGS-LP 101.7 193113 101.7 SOUTH WINDSOR CT Spiritual Renewal Center, Inc. 3w Box Mountain Permit Cancelled
WJYC-LP 105.3 196980 105.3 Terryville CT Riverside Baptist Church 76w 23 Main St, Bristol LIC OMB MP-1
WCFV-LP 100.1 195610 100.1 Willimantic CT Calvary Fellowship of Willimantic 6w Pleasure Hill Residence LIC SHI 6812
WWMM-LP 107.5 194718 107.5 Collinsville CT Huckleberry Hill Music Society, Inc. 100w 11 Pleasant Hill Rd (SL), Collinsville (CP Ridge Rd Burlington) LIC NIC BKG 77


Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WBFY-LP 100.9 193342 100.9 Belfast ME City of Belfast 100w 256 High St, Waterfall Arts Lic NWE Dominator-34
WGYS-LP 102.3 195407 102.9 Dixfield ME River Valley Community Ministries 100w Behind 7th Day Adv. Church Pine St LIC SHI 6812B-1R
WSHD-LP 93.3 196329 93.3 Eastport ME Shead Memorial School 20w Shead High School 89 High St LIC SHI 6812
WFHP-LP 97.5 192783 97.5 Fort Kent ME Fort Kent Knights of Columbus 3w Charette Road, Ft Kent LIC SHI 6812B-1
WHPW-LP 97.3 194127 97.3 Harpswell ME Harpswell Radio Project, Inc. 26w Harpswell W14DA Tower, Mtn Road LIC OMB MP 1
DWLUT-LP 96.3 195403 96.3 Hudson ME Threefold Ministry 86w Bangor 7th Day Adv Church Orion Wy Rd Hermon Permit Cancelled
WJZP-LP 105.1 124197 105.1 Portland ME All Inclusive, Inc. 53w Back Bay Tower Cumberland Ave LIC SHI 6812B-2-SS
NEW 104.9 197247 104.9 Princeton ME Passamaquoddy Tribe 78w Indian Township School 13 School St Permit Cancelled
WRFR-LP 93.3 124066 93.3 Rockland ME Penobscot School 100w Studio 28 Gay St. Rockland LIC COMET CFM-95SL
WMPF-LP 91.1 193854 91.1 Rumford ME River Valley Community Association 100w High St, Rumford SHI VERSA2UNE
WXNZ-LP 98.1 194437 98.1 Skowhegan ME Wesserunsett Arts School 2w Bigelow Hill (WWWA TX) LIC SHI 6812
WJZF-LP 97.1 123618 97.1 Standish ME Standish Citizens Educational Orginization 23w Northeast Road, Behind Police Station LIC SHI 6812-3
WTNP-LP 100.7 194721 100.7 Waterville ME Sonlight Media Group 75w 7th Adv Church 102 Ridge Rd, Fairfield LIC SHI 6812-1
WSPV-LP 105.7 192785 105.7 Springvale ME Springvale Council Knights of Columbus 5.7w Mt. Hope, Sanford LIC SHI 6812
NEW 104.1 195038 104.1 Kennebunk ME Regional School Unit RSU 21 100w Kennebunk High School Roof, Fletcher St Permit Cancelled
WPNX-LP 102.5 196051 102.5 Westbrook ME Fifties Preservation Society 84w AT&T Tower, Saunders Way Permit Cancelled


Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WAEM-LP 94.9 193918 94.9 Acton MA Town of Acton, Massachusetts 21w Water Tank, Main St LIC SHI 6812
DWTTT-LP 103.1 197222 103.1 Amherst MA Hampshire Arts Con 3w 320 Daniel Shays Hwy, Pelham Permit Cancelled Brian Dodge
WVAO-LP 105.9 191917 105.9 Athol MA Athol Orange Community Television, INC 59w High Knob Road Water Tower LIC SHI 6812-1R
WLAS-LP 102.9 195619 102.9 Auburndale MA Lasell College Radio 100w 1165 Chestnut St , Newton (FM128) LIC SHI 6812-2
WAIY-LP 107.7 196208 107.7 Belchertown MA Dwight Chapel Inc. 100w Nr 1315 Federal St, Belchertown LIC SHI 6812-1D Brian Dodge
WBCA-LP 102.9 194505 102.9 Boston MA City of Boston 14w Columbus Ave & Washington St LIC SHI 6812-1R
WACF-LP 98.1 195317 98.1 Brookfield MA A.P.P.L.E. Seed 100w Pleasant St & Central St LIC SHI 6812-1D
DWYHV-LP 98.7 196318 98.7 Chicopee MA Church of New Covenant 12w American Tower, Apremont Hwy & Rte 202, Holyoke LTC Dismissed/Permit Cancelled Saga Objection - Never built.
WBPG-LP 102.9 193675 102.9 Dorchester MA Global Ministries Christian Church 100w End of Freeport Way LIC NICOM BKG 77
WNRC-LP 97.5 133676 97.5 Dudley MA Nichols College 31w At Nichols College LIC JAM JLST-2
DWXLJ-LP 97.7 135082 97.7 E. Harwich MA Cape Cod Christian Broadcasting 100w Studio 35 Kendrick Rd ?? DELETED NICOM BKG-88
WZMR-LP 94.9 194385 94.9 East Boston MA Zumix Inc. 71w East Boston High School, White St LIC Microantennx
WZMW-LP 94.9 196674 94.9 East Boston MA Wintrhop Arts Association 71w East Boston High School, White St LIC Microantennx
DWQMC-LP 102.3 193483 102.3 East Falmouth MA Cape Cod Bus for Life 100w 60 Spring Bars Rd (WCIB) Permit Cancelled
DWREQ-LP 96.5 196601 96.5 Easton MA Easton Community Access Television 25w Easton Police Department Permit Cancelled
WLCQ-LP 99.7 133854 99.7 Feeding Hills MA Lighthouse Christian Center 100w 522 Springfield St. LIC Shively 6812-2-SS
NEW 102.9 135745 102.9 Fitchburg MA Fitchburg Group Educational Assoc. 23w Rte 101 Ashburnham Expired
WBNU-LP 102.9 196073 102.9 Framingham MA St. Stephen Parish of Framingham Educational Radio Assoc 8w EMC Dell Tower/Southboro LIC ERI 100A
WFPR-LP 102.9 194829 102.9 Franklin MA Franklin Community Cable Access 19w Forge Hill LIC NICOM BKG-77
DWTTV-LP 103.1 197193 103.1 Goshen MA Highland Arts Club 6w Rte 9 Across from Fire Station Permit Cancelled Brian Dodge
WBCR-LP 97.7 135676 97.7 Great Barrington MA Berkshire Community Radio Alliance 100w Fairview Hospital LIC SHI 6812B-2-SS
WLPV-LP 107.9 132955 107.9 Greenfield MA Living Waters Assembly of God 100w Tree near church LIC PTEK OMB-MP2
WMCB-LP 107.9 134902 107.9 Greenfield MA Greenfield Community Television, Inc 100w Sandri Oil Silver Place LIC SHI 6812BB-2-SS
WHAV-LP 97.9 193811 97.9 Haverhill MA "New England Public Media" 4w Observatory Hill LIC SHI 6812-1C
WREA-LP 104.9 134302 104.9 Holyoke MA Radio Redentor 48w Main St North. CP JAM JLST-1
NEW 107.7 195847 107.7 Holyoke MA Word of life Church of God 100w 143 W State St, Granby (MA) PERMIT CANCELLED
NEW 104.7 197461 104.7 Huntington MA WHAB for BB, Inc 2w Main St Near the Post Office, Blandford PERMIT CANCELLED Brian Dodge
WGUA-LP 98.1 196055 98.1 Lawrence MA St. Patrick Parish Lawrence Educational Radio Assoc. 17w 119 Chandler Rd (WNNW) LIC ERI FM 100A
WLPZ-LP 95.1 195191 95.1 Leominster MA City of Leominster 21w Sunrise Ave Water Tank LIC SHI 6812B-1R
WCDV-LP 89.3 196236 89.3 Lynn MA Iglesia Christiana Torrente De Cedron 14w Wayne Tower, 424 Essex St LIC SHI 6812B-1
DWVUL-LP 96.5 195962 96.5 Lynn MA City of Lynn School Committee 100w Lynn English High School, Goodridge St PERMIT CANCELLED
NEW 105.3 134445 105.3 Montague MA Montague Community Cable, Inc. 8w Chestnut Road, Montague Cancelled
DWNMH-LP 106.7 197026 106.7 Mt. Hermon MA Northfield Mt Hermon School 100w Northfield - Mt Hermon S Campus Permit Cancelled
WNPD-LP 105.5 193641 105.5 Nantucket MA Town of Nantucket Police Department 30w Polpis Road Water Tank LIC JAM JLCP-1
WJOP-LP 96.3 191764 96.3 Newburyport MA Newburyport Community Media Center 100w Newburyport High School 241 High St LIC SHI 6812-1
WKGT-LP 104.3 133361 104.3 North Adams MA Gospel Train Ministry 100w 36 Barlow Ave. LIC NICOM BKG-77
WMNB-LP 107.1 194075 107.1 North Adams MA Northern Berkshire Community Television Inc. 100w RTE 8 & Canal St LIC SDS CP-1 (2 Bay)
WXOJ-LP 103.3 133520 103.3 Northampton MA Foundation for Media Education, Inc. 100w 448 Florence Rd LIC ARM FM707-2
DWHIL-LP 99.7 196316 99.7 "Norwich Hill" MA Hilltown Community Church 5w Searle Rd & Allen Croft Rd CP (EXP 08/10/2015) PERMIT CANCELLED Brian Dodge
WVVY-LP 96.7 135357 96.7 Oak Bluffs MA The Drum Workship 20w Cook Road LIC OMP MP-1 Former Pirate
WYOB-LP 105.5 195414 105.5 Oak Bluff MA M&M Community Development Inc. 100w Martha's Vineyard H.S. LIC BEXT TFC1K-N
WRRS-LP 104.3 133782 104.3 Pittsfield MA Talking Information Center 100w 75 S Church St. LIC ARM FM707
WXBJ-LP 94.1 195189 94.1 Salisbury MA Good Neighbor Station, Inc. 63w 2 Souther Ln LIC SHI 6812B-2-SS
NEW 103.1 134467 103.1 Shutesburg MA Sirius Community w 72 Baker Rd. Shutesbury Expired
WLHZ-LP 107.9 134242 107.9 Springfield MA Pentecostal Church Refugee of Salv. 7w East Mtn. Westfield LIC NICOM BKG77
DWBSK-LP 98.5 194157 98.5 Springfield MA Above the rim 50w W of Pine St & S Westfield Rd, Feeding Hills (??) Permit Cancelled
WIOM-LP 101.7 192781 101.7 Springfield MA Catholic Communications Corp. 100w Indian Orchard Mills LIC NIC BKG 88
WZCS-LP 102.5 192782 102.5 Springfield MA 100w IC&E Tower, Center St, Chicopee LIC SHI 6812B-1
WVDP-LP 102.9 192162 102.9 Templeton MA Templeton Biblical Education Society Inc. 51w Norcross Hill Road LIC SHI VERSATUNE
NEW 97.9 192970 97.9 Webster MA Sacred Heart Parish Webster Educational Radio 17w 290 Dresser Hill Road Permit Cancelled
DWDOE-LP 97.7 196027 97.7 Westhampton MA Hilltown Christmas Stocking 4W Middle of the woods off of Sampson Road PERMIT CANCELLED Brian Dodge
NEW 97.9 196802 97.9 Williamsburg MA Citizens for a better hilltowns 6w Off of Hyde Hill Road, Williamsburg PERMIT CANCELLED Brian Dodge
WQEB-LP 99.9 196801 99.9 Winchester MA Winchester School of Chinese Culture 26w Terrace Hall Ave LIC SWR FM1
WSRG-LP 106.1 194543 106.1 Worcester MA Church of god pentecostal salvation rock 32w Mary House off of Rte31 , SBA Tower LIC
NEW 103.5 195175 103.5 Yarmouth MA Cape Cod Catholic Radio 100w 256 White's Path (WKPE) PERMIT CANCELLED
WUTY-LP 97.9 193860 97.9 Worcester MA Pride Productions Inc. 100w Chandler & Mill St LIC Comet CFM-95SL

New Hampshire

Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WJSK-LP 101.1 126146 101.1 Bartlett NH The Bartlett-Jackson Community Broadcasters 100w Studio: 7 Birch Ledge Rd LIC Unknown RWPCP-2
WZNC-LP 99.9 195474 99.9 Bethlehem NH Friends of the colonial 100w Colonial Theater, 2050 Main St LIC NEX NXP88
WLWM-LP 105.7 194126 105.7 Charlestown NH The Living Word Ministries of Charlestown 8w Northwest St and River St LIC SWR FMEC1
WNHN-LP 94.7 126127 94.7 Concord NH Highland Community BCasting 80w 41 Little Pond Rd LIC SHI 6812-2
WICX-LP 102.7 191758 102.7 Concord NH New Hampshire Catholic Community Radio 100w WKXL Tower, 37 Redington Road LIC SHI 6812B
WXGR-LP 103.5 126947 101.5 Dover NH Gritty 85w 105.3 Site, Elliot, ME LIC DIE DCRL-1ER
DWFCB-LP 100.3 126893 100.3 Dublin NH Kingdom Christian Ministries 2w Stone Pond Road, Dublin DELETED RAMSEY FMA200 Replaced by full power
DWXND-LP 107.3 126871 107.3 Etna NH NDIMENSION 51w Moose Mtn. Hanover, NH LIC DIE DCRL-1ER
NEW 107.3 196035 107.3 Etna NH Moose Mountain Media 2w Halfway Up Moose Mtn Lodge Rd Permit Cancelled
WKHP-LP 94.9 125834 94.9 Keene NH Keene Foursquare Church 100w 27 Washington St. Keene LIC SHI 6812-2-SS
DWNHB-LP 89.1 197466 89.1 Libson NH Boys and Girls club of the north country 100w 2572 Rt 302, Lisbon NH Permit Cancelled
WLLO-LP 102.9 125532 102.9 Londonderry NH Londonderry School District 100w School North Londonderry LIC NICOM BKG77
WSCA-LP 106.1 126863 106.1 Portsmouth NH Seacoast Arts & Culture Alliance 100w Arboretum Dr, Portsmouth LIC NWE NWE-34 Old Site Pictured
WBUB-LP 96.1 194496 96.1 Portsmouth NH Cultural Media Foundation 15w WHEB Tower, Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth LIC DIE DCLR-1
WFPC-LP 105.3 126082 105.3 Rindge NH Franklin Pierce College 100w On Campus LIC NCG/COMET CFL-200
WMEX-LP 105.9 195604 105.9 Rochester NH Rochester Radio 25w Dry Hill Rd, Rochester LIC RFS CPF500
WMNH-LP 95.3 192592 95.3 Manchester NH Manchester Public Television Service 90w PSNH Tower (BMast), Elm St LIC SHI 6812-1
WQNH-LP 94.7 193019 94.7 Northwood NH New Hampshire Community Radio, Inc. 14w Saddleback Mtn LIC SHI 6812B-1 CP to incr. height
WBNH-LP 105.1 193211 105.1 Bedford NH Town of Bedford, New Hampshire 100w Bedford Town Hall, Meetinghouse Road LIC SHI 6812-1B
DWHHF-LP 101.7 195785 101.7 Manchester NH St. Josephs Catholic Family Ctr. 100w St. Marie Rectory, 378 Notre Dame Ave Permit Cancelled
WLGV-LP 95.1 195811 95.1 Londonderry NH ALERT (A Londonderry Emergency Response Team) 100w Town Hall , 14 Manning St LIC SHI VERSATUNE
WNHZ-LP 103.1 196819 103.1 Littleton NH Radio America Media, Corp. 100w WLTN AM Tower LIC OMB MP1
DWNEY-LP 105.1 196943 105.1 Franconia NH NESKAYA 100w 1643 Profile Rd, Franconia Permit Cancelled

Rhode Island

Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WSUB-LP 96.7 124671 96.7 Ashaway RI Washington County Chamber (a.k.a. Chris Dipaola) 100w LIC Superior Broadcast FMT-1
WWRI-LP 95.1 193137 95.1 Coventry RI The Marconi Broadcasting Foundation 24w Providence Pl, Coventry LIC SHI 6812-1D
WBRU-LP 101.1 196244 101.1 PROVIDENCE RI Brown Student Radio 100w RIPBS Studios LIC SHI 6812-1R
WFOO-LP 101.1 195178 101.1 PROVIDENCE RI AS220 100w RIPBS Studios LIC SHI 6812-1R
WVVX-LP 101.1 196448 101.1 PROVIDENCE RI Providence Community Radio 100w RIPBS Studios LIC SHI 6812-1R
WXHQ-LP 105.9 123581 105.9 Newport RI Newport Musical Arts Assoc 50w Atop Hotel Viking LIC COMET CFM-95SL
WIGV-LP 96.5 124214 96.5 Providence RI Casa De Oracion Getsemani 100w 786 Elmwood Ave LIC NICOM BKG77


Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WJPL-LP 92.1 135738 92.1 Barre VT Vermont Christian Radio 100w Pitman Road, Websterville LIC NICOM BKG77
DWOOL-LP 100.1 135150 100.1 Bellows Falls VT Falls Area Community Television 6w Mt Kilburne, VT DELETED NICOM BKG77 Replaced by full power
WVEW-LP 107.7 134542 107.7 Brattleboro VT Vermont Earth Works 100w Main St nr. High Street LIC NICOM BKG77
WOMM-LP 105.9 135702 105.9 Burlington VT Peace and Justice Center 100w Main St. Burlington LIC SHI 6812-1R
WWPV-LP 92.5 196089 92.5 Colchester VT Saint Michael's College 100w On Campus, St Michael's College LIC SHI 6832
WAOT-LP 98.3 133838 98.3 Derby VT Vermont Agency of Transportation 3w Nelson Hill LIC NICOM BKG77
WEVT-LP 98.1 135390 98.1 Enosburg Falls VT Spavin Cure Historical Group 100w Rte 105 Enosburg Falls LIC SHI 6812-2-SS
WYTC-LP 89.1 134111 89.1 Hyde Park VT Union High School District 100w Lamoille Union High School LIC NICOM BKG77
WJSY-LP 96.1 134559 96.1 Newport VT Voice in the Kingdom Radio 100w Concord Ave, Newport LIC NICOM BKG77
DWRAN-LP 100.1 133815 100.1 Randolph VT Vermont Agency of Transportation 6w Rand Rd. Randolph Center License Cancelled NICOM BKG1/P
WMTZ-LP 95.7 134309 95.7 Rutland VT Green Mountain Adventist Media 100w Studio 158 Stratton Rd LIC NICOM BKG77
WFVR-LP 96.5 191628 96.5 South Royalton VT Royalton Community Radio 100w Chelsea St & New St LIC NIC BKG-777
WMRW-LP 95.1 133683 95.1 Warren VT Rootswork, Inc. 100w School Bldg. E. Warren, VT LIC SHI 6812-2-SS New Loc since picture
WBTV-LP 99.3 192571 99.3 Burlington VT Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM) 100w 208 Flynn Ave, Burlington LIC BWB TX300V2 (They licensed transmitter)
WRXJ-LP 105.5 192861 105.5 Burlington VT St. Francis Xavier Parish Charitable Trust 100w St. Francis Xavier Parish LIC OMP MPP1

New York

Call Sign FQ/Link Facility ID City State Licensee Power TX Address Status Antenna Notes
WCAA-LP 107.1 195623 107.1 Albany Grand Street Community Arts, Inc. 100w Grand Street & Madison Ave CP (EXP 08/21/2015)
WRAQ-LP 92.7 192265 92.7 Angelica Angelica Community Radio, Inc. 100w Town Hill Road CP (EXP 08/07/2015)
WNAR-LP 100.3 132453 100.3 Arcade Arcade Christian Broadcasting Association 14w Bixby Hill Road, Freedom LIC NIC BKG-77
WLRF-LP 94.3 132127 94.3 Binghamton Latter Rain Network, Inc 2w Ingraham Hill , Binghamton LIC ARM FMA-707
WSVV-LP 100.9 132509 100.9 Center Moriches The Savior\'s Voice Broadcasting Company, Inc. Water tank, Railroad Ave LIC ARM FMA-707
WCSQ-LP 105.9 194431 105.9 Cobelskill Dialogos of Cobelskill 100w Rte 7/10 near Marion Way CP (EXP 07/28/2015)
WLRG-LP 107.5 132440 107.5 Corning Corning Christian Radio Corporation 2w Higman Hill LIC SHI 6812-2S
WDRX-LP 100.7 132148 100.7 Cortland Cortland Christian Radio 100w Fisher Ave, Cortland LIC ARM FMA-707
WELV-LP 107.9 131711 107.9 Ellenville Ellenville Center School District 100w Ellenville H.S. Malden LN LIC SHI 6812-1R
WZNY-LP 98.3 194368 98.3 Fairport Grace Bible Fellowship, Inc 25w Summit Road, Fairport, NY LIC BEXT
WHWS-LP 105.7 132126 105.7 Geneva Smith Center for the Arts 100w Hobart & Williams College LIC ARM FMA-707
WGWY-LP 99.1 196660 99.1 Glens Falls Gateway Pentecostal Church 100w Ogden St, Glens Falls CP (EXP 07/27/2015)
WBLN-LP 104.9 131698 104.9 Glens Falls Better Living Radio 100w 206 Glen St, Glens Falls, NY LIC NIC BKG-77
WGRE-LP 105.1 196345 105.1 Greenwich Citizens Committee for Greenwich Youth (Rural US NY) 30w 13 Prospect St, Greenwich CP (EXP 07/15/2015)
WOGM-LP 105.9 131804 105.9 Jamestown Lighthouse Baptist Church 48w Camp St, Jamestown LIC COM CFM-95SL
WRFA-LP 107.9 132401 107.9 Jamestown Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, Inc 100w 116 E 3rd St LIC SWR FMEC-2
WIHR-LP 94.1 132445 94.1 Jamestown Advent Radio Ministries Corp. 100w Digitell Bldg 111 W 2nd St LIC NIC BKG-77
WWKP-LP 101.3 195321 101.3 Kennedy New Beginnings Baptist Church 100w South of the RR tracks, Rte 62 CP (EXP 07/31/2015)
WKHV-LP 103.9 132425 103.9 Kingston Kingston Outreach Services 100w 24 W Union St , 7th Day Advantest Church LIC NIC BKG-77
WCLP-LP 98.3 192810 98.3 Lake Placid Light of Truth, Inc. 100w Saranac Ave & Woodland Terrace CP (EXP 07/27/2015)
WKEG-LP 104.7 131940 104.7 Limestone Limestone Community Radio 100w River Road & Railroad St LIC NIC BKG-77
NEW 107.9 195450 107.9 Middletown NY Eastern US Taiwan Culture Promotional Assoication, Inc 20w CR16 near Shawanugnk Road CP (EXP 07/28/2015)
WHMV-LP 97.5 193035 97.5 Mohawk NY Mohawk Valley Radio Group 100w E Main St & Youngs Ave CP
WJNN-LP 93.7 197028 93.7 Monticello NY Torah Treasure House 25w 38 Rapp Road, Monticello CP (EXP 07/15/2015)
WMUD-LP 89.3 132393 89.3 Moriah Champlain Music Appreciation Society, Inc 100w Center Road, Moriah LIC Scala GP-FM
WGLU-LP 106.1 131911 106.1 Newport West Canada Christian Resources 100w Cty Rte 228, Rose Valley Rd LIC ARM FMA-707
WJIH-LP 95.9 131486 95.9 Oneonta Spirit and Truth Assembly 100w Water tank beind WalMart Rte 23? LIC ARM FMA-707
WLPP-LP 102.9 196064 102.9 Palenville Maetreum of Cybele , Magna Mater, Inc. 100w Route 23A nr Rte 32A CP (EXP 07/27/2015)
WPWL-LP 103.7 191920 103.7 Pawling Pawling Public Radio 2w UNID Cell tower, Pleasant Ridge Rd CP (EXP 08/15/2015)
NEW 94.3 195453 94.3 Port Jervis NY D.S. GREAT TATANG CULTURAL INC 100w 4th & Orchard St, Pt Jervis CP (EXP 07/28/2015)
NEW 94.7 192814 94.7 Poughkeepsie NY New York Catholic Radio, Inc 100w Old Post Road & Rte 9W CP (EXP 10/10/2015)
WQKA-LP 92.9 194152 92.9 Pulteney Keuka Broadcasters Inc. 49w Skyline Drive LIC OMB MP-1
WBTS-LP 88.5 193947 88.5 Redwood Betterarts, Inc 100w Cottage Hill Rd CP (EXP 10/23/2015)
WLIX-LP 94.7 131740 94.7 Ridge Pine Barrens Broadcasting 21w WLNY-TV 55 Tower, Wading River Hallow Rd Brookhaven Town LIC SHI 6812
DWNYP-LP 98.7 131558 98.7 Ripley NY State Thruway Authority 100w Barrier Tolls nr PA Line, I-90 LIC CUSH CD-2 Deleted
WRFZ-LP 106.3 192286 106.3 Rochester Rochester Free Radio, Inc. 25w Main Street E & Birch Crescent CP (EXP 08/12/2015)
WAYO-LP 104.3 192365 104.3 Rochester MUCCC, INC. 41w Main Street E & Ohio St CP (EXP 08/10/2015)
WLDM-LP 95.7 131507 95.7 Sanitaria Springs Living Water Ministries 95w Cocker Hill Road LIC NIC BKG-77
WSVD-LP 107.1 193307 107.1 Spencer Spencer-Van Etten CSD 100w Center St & Nichols St CP (EXP 07/23/2015)
WJIJ-LP 105.9 196776 105.9 Stamford Upper Room Ministries of Richmondville 100w Rte 23 & O'dell Lake Road CP (EXP 08/03/2015)
NEW 102.3 195697 102.3 Town of Highlands NY Catholic Kopling Society New York 16w West Hill Drive South (Water Tank) Somers CP (EXP 07/30/2015)
NEW 96.9 195286 96.9 Watertown Calvary Chapel of North Country 10w Rte 12 north of I81 Brownville, NY CP (EXP 10/23/2015)
NEW 93.7 195452 93.7 Westbrookville NY Pure Heart Culture and Education Foundation 100w Rustic Hills Road, Westbrookville CP (EXP 07/28/2015)
WAPP-LP 100.3 132494 100.3 Westhampton Aquila Broadcasting Corp 100w 14 Brook Road, Westhampton Beach LIC ARM FMA-707
WHIH-LP 97.3 195037 97.3 Whitesboro Lifepoint Church of the Mohawk Valley 100w 1st St LIC NIC BKG77
WIOF-LP 104.1 194206 104.1 Woodstock Birds of a feather media, LTD 100w California Quarry Rd, Woodstock LIC ERI 100A-1
WARI-LP 98.5 191676 98.5 ROCHESTER NY New Day Global Mission 30w Strathallan Rochester Hotel, 550 East Ave CP
WDBA-LP 105.5 192931 105.5 FARMINGDALE NY JCM Radio Inc. 57w Ict. Broad Hollow Rd and Great Neck Rd, Farmingdale CP
NEW 97.7 193335 97.7 BINGHAMTON NY MT. ST. FRANCIS HERMITAGE INC. 3w WSKG-TV Tower, Ingraham Hill CP
WEPL-LP 97.1 193382 97.1 ROCHESTER NY IBERO AMERICAN 57w Ibero American Action League 817 E Main St (SL) CP
NEW 100.9 193859 100.9 ROCHESTER NY ROCHESTER COMMUNITY TV, INC. 21w Comm. Tower, St. Bridgets Dr CP
NEW 104.7 194299 104.7 OCEAN BEACH NY FIRE DEPARTMENT OF OCEAN BEACH, INC. 100w 591 Bayberry Walk, Ocean Beach (SL) CP
WBDY-LP 99.5 194370 99.5 BINGHAMTON NY THE BUNDY MUSEUM OF HISTORY & ART 15w Ely Park, Binghamton CP
WOOC-LP 105.3 194800 105.3 TROY NY MEDIA ALLIANCE 100w Hilltop Road, Troy CP
WOOS-LP 95.9 194922 95.9 SCHENECTADY NY TROY BIKE RESCUE INC. 50w Regent St and The Plaza, Schenectady CP
WOOA-LP 106.9 194932 106.9 ALBANY NY GREEN EDUCATION AND LEGAL FUND, INC. 100w Cell Tower, Central Ave Nr. N Russel St, Albany CP
NEW 102.3 195203 102.3 BROOKLYN NY EDUCATIONAL LAB INC. 7w Staten Island, WSIA Tower Location CP
WOOG-LP 92.7 196489 92.7 TROY NY OAKWOOD COMMUNITY CENTER, INC. 24w WGY-FM Tower, Lape Rd, Rensselaer, NY CP
WPBB-LP 92.5 196581 92.5 DEWITT NY MANLIUS PEBBLE HILL SCHOOL, INC. 15w WAQX Tower, Old Stonehouse Rd, DeWitt, NY CP
WQEQ-LP 105.5 197021 105.5 FLUSHING NY THE GLOBAL SERVICE CENTER FOR QUITTING CHINESE COMMUNIST PAR 19w Immaculate Conception Center 7200 Douglaston Pkwy Littleneck CP
WDMB-LP 105.5 197220 105.5 QUEENS NY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN 19w Immaculate Conception Center 7200 Douglaston Pkwy Littleneck CP
WSPJ-LP 103.3 197053 103.3 SYRACUSE NY SYRACUSE COMMUNITY RADIO, INC. 100w Deurr Rd, north of I-90 CP