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  • The city of Hudson and the town of Catskill kind of sit in an oasis between the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region.
  • There is just enough distance from everywhere else to make it a separate market.
Call Frequency
Virtual Channel
Channel City of License State Market Facility Service Group/Notes
WCKL 560 CATSKILL NY Hudson/Catskill AM 63526
WHUC 1230 HUDSON NY Hudson/Catskill AM 63531
WGXC 90.7 214 ACRA NY Hudson/Catskill FM 171971
WHVP 91.1 216 HUDSON NY Hudson/Catskill FM 60899
WZCR 93.5 228 HUDSON NY Hudson/Catskill FM 63532
W246BJ 97.1 246 HUDSON NY Hudson/Catskill FX 147822 WAMC
WRIP 97.9 250 WINDHAM NY Hudson/Catskill FM 83204
WCTW 98.5 253 CATSKILL NY Hudson/Catskill FM 63527
W266BX 101.1 266 JEFFERSON HEIGHTS NY Hudson/Catskill FM 11067 WFSO
W296AT 106.9 296 CATSKILL NY Hudson/Catskill FM 37231
WSSN-LP 21 21 HUDSON ET AL NY Hudson/Catskill TX 74016

Nearby Markets

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